It is the responsibility of various governments to ensure that the environments in their respective countries are conducive for any kind of business. This will attract investors from all over the world to do business or open up businesses in the said countries. It is important that the governments look deeply into certain issues if at all they want capitalize from the available sources of businesses in their countries. The main purpose of being in business is making profits. However, some unethical practices such as corruption have really hindered the development of businesses. It is the responsibility of the governments to ensure that they improvise ways in which the said menace can be solved once and for all. 

Many investors shy away from corrupt countries as this denies them the opportunities to cash in their expected profits at the end of the day. The governments should also ensure that there is enough security in their countries as this would increase the efforts of the investors in various fields. For instance, the governments should ensure that they input CCTV in road s as this would reduce the issue of way finding signage vandalism that has been mainly witnessed in developing countries where illiteracy is the order of the day. Some people vandalize the signage systems for the purpose of selling them to scrap metal or plastic dealers. The majority however does not have even the slightest clue of the purpose of the signage systems.

Some of the signage systems or materials used in their manufacturing are processed overseas. This means that they have to be imported. It is good that the governments regulate the prices of importing the said goods or the raw materials used for their production. This step may in one way lure investors into the said countries in the sense that they will incur very little costs in the whole processes and this will mean well to their expected returns in this case the profits. A good example of imported signage systems would be a digital signage system that is used in the airports to indicate the arrival and departure of various flights. This article will tackle the importance of digital signage in Sydney, see this post.

The governments should also ensure that it creates a social awareness campaign that will be aimed at sensitizing their citizens about the advantages that come with the embracement of technology as a whole. The campaigns may be organized on social platforms, national television, radio stations or other forms which can get to the preferred audience in the most effective way. The results of the awareness have been witnessed in areas where countries have conducted the campaigns. For instance, in developed countries people use digital menu boards in their hotels. These kinds of systems have improved their levels of professionalism in one way or another. They have also reduced cases where people loss their money to dishonest waiters who overcharge their services.

With all these in place it is expected that the government will do well as far as the issue of tax collection is concerned.