You might wonder why a firm differentiates its advertising services as boutique agency. In the community of advertising the term usually means that the agency focuses on certain key aspects of advertising. For instance, it focuses on creating the creative for advertisements. Agencies which are into boutique advertising are usually small companies that work with a limited number of clients. The service that they provide is specialized. There are pros and cons that these agencies offer as part of their select service.

Services that are excluded

When you approach a boutique agency, you might not be able to get large campaigns designed by them or extensive market research done for studying certain demographic patterns. The work of these agencies is more niche and creative. The staff is limited in these agencies. They might work as an events agency or simply as a creative advertising team. For those who are looking for detailed creativity in their advertising campaign, they will find it beneficial to approach this kind of an agency.

How the agencies work?

Any boutique agency usually focuses on a certain niche or promotional work or campaign. Hence, it could be an events agency or an agency that works only on the creative. The client list is usually kept short by this kind of an agency. They are also selective about the kind of jobs they will take up. The agencies usually work on video or print advertising as well as copywriting which is needed for ad campaigns.

Kind of personnel employed

The niche boutique agencies usually employ creative professionals in their teams. There might be actors, models and writers who are part of the team. The kind of work taken up by a boutique agency will determine the kind of creative professionals who are employed. Again, some agencies usually work for other ad houses or firms and do not deal with clients directly. As per the kind of assignment that is taken up, the creative team is made up accordingly. The work done is detailed and is costly assignments that are sent across by large ad firms or clients.

Reputation and reliability

When an ad agency markets its work as a boutique or niche advertising, it needs to have a credible reputation in the market. Usually an established ad professional or members of an ad firm might form a separate venture where select assignments are taken up. As these firms already have an established presence in the market, they usually have a list of clients who are willing to provide assignments to them. Alternately, the boutique agencies might work with larger ad firms in order to get assignments that are selective and as per their area of expertise. Most boutique ad agencies usually have a website of their own to reach out to their targeted clientele.