Selling celebrity photos has never been a more profitable idea. A couple of decades ago, celebrities were somehow limited. There were a few major names here and there, but that was pretty much it. These days, anyone can be a celebrity. An entrepreneur, a social figure or a sportsman can make it on the front page without even trying too hard. With so many famous people around, you can sell my story to a magazine it is not even too hard to capture some awkward or embarrassing moments. Besides, both pictures and videos make good money making tools. Nothing can describe a cat fight or an embarrassing fall better than a video. Pictures are extracted and used in the printed versions, while videos make it directly on the web version.

All in all, making money with celebrity pictures is not hard if you respect a few rules. First, you need a top notch camera that can zoom in without distorting the face or other relevant elements. Second, you need some ingenuity. Know where to hide, capture the right moment and avoid going straight into a celebrity’s face to take a picture. You have to be subtle. This is the secret of good gossip press. Finally, you need a good location. Whether you live in an exclusive neighborhood or downtown, these are the best places to spot celebrities.

Now, assuming that you have already gotten a few sets, where do you send them over? What is the secret to selling celebrity photos and making money overnight?

Where to sell your gossip paparazzi photos

You do not have to be a genius to figure and know where to drop and where to sell celebrity photos. Generally speaking, you need a little experience with gossip media. You need to match the celebrity’s reputation to the magazine’s quality standards. You cannot drop some pictures with a local celebrity to one of the biggest magazines in the world, especially if the respective individual is only know locally.

However, it is highly recommended to establish connections with big names. It is simple – the bigger the magazine, the higher the income. Some magazines may pay thousands for celebrity snapshots. Of course, it depends on who you manage to capture. Besides, it also depends on how embarrassing, shocking or awkward your pictures and videos are. Keep in mind that even if you manage to establish some connections, you should never limit yourself to one magazine or newspaper only. Instead, bidding wars will only add to your income. When a reporter knows that your picture is being offered to the competition, they will be more willing to make a better offer in order to get it.

Other than that, you can sell your celebrity pictures online as well. There are specific portals developed to establish connections between amateur photographers, lucky individuals at the right time and professional reporters. Bidding wars and discussions are conducted online, so you can sell your pictures wherever you feel like. Moreover, the online industry may actually save a lot of time, since you no longer have to get in touch with one publication after another.